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  • Heads up for painting crews across town as they spruce up our pavement markings, give them a wide berth, #Bozeman!
  • Children's Sweet Pea run shirts are here! You can purchase them at Beall Park Recreation Center from 8:30-4:30...
  • Ladies, We have world class rivers practically in our backyards. Fall is by far one of the best times of year to...
  • Petanque tonight!!! Join us for this wonderful game at Centennial Park (N. Tracy Ave-behind the senior center) starting at 6pm.
  • August 3, 2015 Bozeman City Commission Meeting Agenda - #Bozeman8-3-2015 Agenda


  • Expect delays as you approach the park from the north on US Hwy 89, mileposts 5–13 and Gardiner. Businesses are open.
  • Yellowstone approves fish restoration project on Soda Butte Creek.
  • A nightly road closure starts tonight, from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, seven days a week, between Norris and Mammoth. See
  • @meandmyhackers1 try that one :-)
  • Mississippi woman is 5th visitor injured by bison in #YellowstoneNP this summer. Details at


  • Hello there! MRT @leesamaree Someone's watching.... #MontanaMoment #Montana #Wildlife
  • A new perspective of a classic #MontanaMoment MRT @jeff_jcal534 A different take on McDonald Falls #Glaciermt
  • Incredible! MRT @grdnrmt The sun rising in Blackfoot country. #manyglacier #montanamoment #montana
  • Looks like fun! MRT @DancingAspens Camping Montana style, in a canvas tent cabin under stars #MontanaMoment
  • Beautiful photo! RT @theisenaaron Star Peak lookout in the Scotchman Peaks area of #glaciermt. #MontanaMoment

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