Now in Bozeman


  • The tastiest part of #sweetpea2011 - Bite of Bozeman, tonight 6-9p. Menu:
  • More Seven sushi goodness... 5/5
  • Have you tried Seven?
  • Starky's review: Seitan BBQ!
  • Bozeman Community Food Co-op - Re-visited 18 months later...


  • @DHTheWeatherNut @smartinWNTV No, it was taken with a DSLR. Details at
  • @morphizm No, that's steam coming out of Castle Geyser and its adjacent hot spring.
  • Clear skies & a new moon made this weekend a winner for enjoying the park's dark skies. #milkyway
  • Fishing Cone: named by early park visitors since you could catch & cook a fish without taking it off the line.
  • @CBonehannon Today, not a cloud in sight.


  • A fine #MontanaMoment on Madison River. Explore more on our Tumblr:
  • Priceless. RT @EarthBeauties Glacier National Park, Montana. Beauty at its best! :-)
  • Montana mountains standing tall. MRT @ttaylorpix Grinnell Peak's Morning Majesty … #MontanaMoment
  • Wide open space. RT @WildReflections #MontanaMoment along Hwy 93 #MissionMountains #Ninepipes
  • Magical. RT @BEAUTIFULPICS Beautiful #Montana sunset. Photo by Trey Ratcliff.

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