Now in Bozeman


  • The tastiest part of #sweetpea2011 - Bite of Bozeman, tonight 6-9p. Menu:
  • More Seven sushi goodness... 5/5
  • Have you tried Seven?
  • Starky's review: Seitan BBQ!
  • Bozeman Community Food Co-op - Re-visited 18 months later...


  • Sunset snapshot: there's a pot o' gold in the Gardner River Canyon! #rainbows
  • Over the weekend, smoke from western wildfires limited visibility in the park and created some moody sun rises.
  • Smokey strolling thru the Gallatin Valley mall in Bozeman. Here until 4:30!
  • Come join us this afternoon at the mall in Bozeman for the new Disney film Planes: Fire and Rescue"
  • Our #AmberAlert has been cancelled: the missing boy has been found. Thanks for spreading the word!


  • Montana's Capitol - regal in evening light.
  • A beautiful summer view. MRT @ps1356 … #MontanaMoment Petrified Forest Interpretive Trail, Gallatin Range
  • A perfect day. MRT @TonyBynum Wow, sunrise rainbow, Mt. Sinopah and Painted Tepee #glacierpark … @glaciermt
  • Shimmering waters between fields of green. Amazing shot, @thedewolves.
  • Montana on the rocks: Makoshika State Park.

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