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  • The tastiest part of #sweetpea2011 - Bite of Bozeman, tonight 6-9p. Menu:
  • More Seven sushi goodness... 5/5
  • Have you tried Seven?
  • Starky's review: Seitan BBQ!
  • Bozeman Community Food Co-op - Re-visited 18 months later...


  • @KiwiDFruit It's about 20 feet up, so a little awkward for detail work.
  • @KiwiDFruit Glad you enjoyed the show...we may need reinforcements.
  • Ever wondered what the view is like from inside a house surrounded by elk? Have a look at
  • A well-guarded post office at Mammoth Hot Springs.
  • RT @nickzantop: Not something you get to see too often…a bison jam at night in #Yellowstone! @YellowstoneNPS @NPCA #photography…


  • Another golden harvest near Browning. Photo via Chris McGowan. #MontanaMoment
  • Follow the star trails at Browns Lake. Photo via Chris McGowan. #MontanaMoment
  • Just like clockwork @YellowstoneNPS. #MontanaMoment
  • Howdy from the Darby Rodeo. Photo via @savagejason #MontanaMoment
  • The changing colors at the Daly Mansion are stunning. Photo via @savagejason. #MontanaMoment

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