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  • The metro area mayors will hold a news conference to discuss federal funding for the F-M Diversion Project at 4:00p today at Fargo City Hall
  • The Fargo Landfill is closed today (Feb 8) due to high winds & should reopen Tuesday. Residential trash pickup is continuing as scheduled.
  • #FargoMayor Tim Mahoney discusses the water agreement with @CityofWestFargo, the Fargo landfill and PILOT projects. https://t.co/Axxa8yyqEC
  • Learn more about your Fargo City Commissioners (including their blogs & social media sites) at the following link - https://t.co/6MWWUhUk5R
  • @SayOw - I checked with our Information Services Department and have monitored the site throughout the day and we aren't seeing any issues.


  • RT @FargoMoorhead: Wine About Winter is this Thursday in @DowntownFargo! https://t.co/27zm4CLdw2 #ilovefargo https://t.co/MTK8jWOXO6
  • RT @CareerFM: Happening this Thursday: Wine about Winter! https://t.co/0kZggCGlQt @fargomonthly @downtownfargo https://t.co/Y2goTGwzJ8
  • RT @FargoPolice: A #SB50 victory starts with a game plan. So does a safe Super Bowl party. Use a #DesignatedDriver #SB50 fans #DontDriveDru…
  • RT @fargomonthly: Looking for great gift ideas for Valentine's Day? Here's what we found all over @DowntownFargo! https://t.co/sTMoyps6Nc
  • RT @FargoParks: Check out the snow cube in front of the Depot for #frostival2016 https://t.co/JA9KwEA5m9


  • You'll be surprised how much fun you'll find in North Dakota's cities. #JoshDuhamel https://t.co/tTrICyGlmD https://t.co/t6oRzbfWTi
  • @orwoll Awww...thanks Mark! Remember this? #NDLegendary https://t.co/GbbEU0BNX7
  • .@yahootravel includes North Dakota's @4ElementsWinery in "Best Winery in Every State"! https://t.co/Pl1DCa6nWc https://t.co/eA18r3ppKI
  • The northern lights, photographed two nights ago by @Josiah_Kopp over Beulah, #NorthDakota |… https://t.co/GpaV9fbcYU
  • "My home ranch lies on both sides of the Little Missouri, nearest ranch man being about twelve, miles distant." - TR https://t.co/DIllQbnO1c

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