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  • #FargoMayor Mahoney proudly welcomes attendees of @TEDxFargo to our great city. Do you demand #FarMore? Think Fargo. https://t.co/3q8NiT9vs2
  • Chief David Todd of @FargoPolice has been invited to D.C. to participate in White House briefing on policing; more @ https://t.co/x9d5sShK6M
  • MATBUS' LinkFM gave 4,000+ rides during the Fargo Street Fair (that's up from last year's 1,974) and equates to 39.3 rides per hour per bus!
  • American Planning Association recognizes #Fargo Street Fair as one of the top summer festivals. It runs today 'til 5 https://t.co/z8HjsF6TQO
  • Check out #Fargo's yet-unnamed traffic cone man and the @Fargostreets booth at the @DowntownFargo Street Fair! https://t.co/Q9ni3ev1EK


  • Have you met the ambassadors downtown? Say hello next time you see them! https://t.co/zDUhyAPzwM
  • Join us this evening for Corks and Canvas! Enjoy an evening stroll through Downtown Fargo with wine sampling, live artists, & shopping!
  • Attending TedxFargo today? Stay downtown this evening and receive $5 off your wristband to Corks and Canvas! #TEDxFargo
  • RT @FargoMoorhead: Corks & Canvas going on 5-9pm tonight in @DowntownFargo! https://t.co/rjBDrUXKjr https://t.co/blJ2E0JFKV
  • Join us in Downtown Fargo for #TEDxFargo today! https://t.co/qQDVgV0mAa


  • You just can't beat the #NDLegendary #sunsets. Thanks to Mitch H. for the photo. @SunsetMag https://t.co/VzCy0PI5kY
  • See #NDLegendary #sunsets during your time in @NorthDakota! Thanks Devin T. https://t.co/B0CL9bYBRO https://t.co/R7UgkWx9ty
  • Have you strolled in the #NDLegendary country? Thanks @ctisom! https://t.co/bMAzhnLgsS
  • Get #outdoors on the #trails of #NDLegendary @NorthDakota! @bistrib https://t.co/3yfX91I2wI @MaahDaahHey https://t.co/2cy9HdTabv
  • Are you interested in #NorthernLights? Here's how to capture them via @AdamDornPhoto https://t.co/nTQE53OVnE https://t.co/Blg9ev4QZC

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