Now in Fargo


  • Garbage and recycling collections will run on schedule this week. The Sanitary Landfill will be open on Good Friday, April 18.
  • Celebrate Earth Week with @MATBUS! Win prizes & ride free by donating one aluminum can. http://t.co/mja7CS20JT Events start Monday.
  • You got it @965TheFox! The FFD has 7 staffed engines, 1 ladder truck & 1 rescue vehicle. Great guesses everyone!
  • We're celebrating 5000 followers! First person to guess how many staffed fire engines Fargo has wins this little guy! http://t.co/KQNrOzaxI8
  • The annual treasure hunting holiday is almost here! http://t.co/M0GCDVdQxj Spring Cleanup Week is May 5 - 9. #cleanupweek


  • 39th Annual @DowntownFargo Street Fair - Junior High Art Contest! http://t.co/HOiLMleCQJ
  • @futureislands @theaquarium Saturday, March 29 in @DowntownFargo!! http://t.co/JtTUyQO9If
  • Expansion opens tonight at The Uptown Gallery at 72 Broadway-74 Broadway! http://t.co/WNGrkt8x1r
  • RT @3ashleyymarie: I love @DowntownFargo! @SpicyPiePizza someone there is very talented! #art #ninjaturtles http://t.co/yi1Fah8qR4
  • Blackbird Woodfire at 206 Broadway in @DowntownFargo is NOW OPEN! http://t.co/q50hGf88Gj


  • Hotel growth reflects the #tourism boom. http://t.co/zXat85AwxV @inforum
  • @NBCTheVoice You've been quoted in my #Storify story "North Dakota's Kat Perkins on NBC's The Voice! " http://t.co/rXXYDMWQ3j
  • What and where can you visit this #NorthDakota attraction? #WhereisitWednesday #travel http://t.co/CAJ8JQkkph
  • @RhubarbVenison You've been quoted in my #Storify story "North Dakota Bloggers & Writers Workshop 2014" http://t.co/Kb3JMdi9eD
  • People are naturally drawn to the skies in North Dakota. Plan an #aviation #vacation today! http://t.co/W1VCTIZ2v8

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