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  • We GGFers don't like to toot our own horns...but when talented travel writer @shelzolkewich offers, we say blow away:
  • Subs are getting cut in half @BonzersPub from 5-10 PM price, that is! #MeatMeDowntown
  • The queso & chili topped Sioux Omelet at Darcy's Cafe is so delish you'll never say it laid an egg:) #SuperblySpicy
  • Sweetest way to wish your fave peeps Happy Easter? With a specialty cake from @dakotaharvest! #SomebunnyLovesMe
  • On this chilly Tuesday...put a little #SpringInYourStep @HeyOceanStores!


  • You may notice these new giant flower pots the city will have around downtown. This one is in front of City...
  • Well done by all those involved....
  • Grand Forks City - Dog Park & Lower Trails Open:
  • Some good news for tonight's Service Safety Meeting....
  • Grand Forks City - Dog Park & Lower Trails Closed:


  • RT @everywhereology: I've always wanted to go to North Dakota! And this makes me want to go now! "" via @NorthDakota
  • Cheer on your favorite #drivers! Outlaw Sprints, Late Models and more compete at River City Speedway in #GrandForks.
  • It's #NationalPark week! Spring is a great time to visit @TRooseveltNPS and catch the animals getting out to play.
  • @KRS_WordShark You've been quoted in my #Storify story "North Dakota Bloggers & Writers Workshop 2014"
  • Maah Daah Hey Trail #Photo Contest Celebrates Trail Expansion. @OutdoorsND #NDLegendary

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