C'mon Inn Grand Forks


Reservation & Booking Policies

Number of Adults should include all occupants 18 years of age and older. All guests registering must be 18 years of age and must present photo identification upon check-in. There is no charge for children 17 years of age and under when occupying the same room with an adult family member. Occupancy may be restricted by local ordinance.

Check-in and Check-out Times for C'mon Inn Grand Forks

Check In: 3:30 pm
Check Out: 12:00 pm

Check-in and Check-out Dates

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance, based on availability. Payment for reservations is required at check-in with accepted credit card.
For third party credit card payments, contact the location.

Room Payment

Room charges are paid at registration or by 12:00pm in advance of each subsequent night's stay. No-show Reservations not cancelled within 24 hrs of the check-in date will be charged the amount of the first night stay.


Seniors rates, corporate rates, government rates, or discounted rates are not valid with other special rates or discounts and may not be available during special events.


C'mon Inn Hotel & Suites does NOT allow pets.

Special Requests

C'mon Inn Hotel and Suites will make every effort to honor special requests when you make your reservation. However, the availability of such requests cannot be guaranteed in advance.

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